Northumberland County Facilitated Integration

Since January 31, 2013, a group of Health Service Providers (HSPs) from Northumberland County had been meeting as part of a facilitated integration process at the direction of the Central East Local Health Integration Network. Please review the information and links below to follow the group's progress as they first met to develop their integration plan through to current status today.

Current Status - posted February 2, 2015

On October 22, 2014, LHIN staff presented information to the Central East LHIN Board of Directors on the Community Health Services Integration (CHS) Phase 2 and recommendations on how to move forward.  Recognizing that some of the elements from the Northumberland CHS Integration Plan, specifically "integrating Information Technology across community and acute sectors" could be implemented through a LHIN-wide approach, management recommended to the Board that this recommendation be aligned with emerging solutions and initiatives and be included in a broader IT strategy for the CHS sector in 2015/16.  

In addition, the concept of the Northumberland Transformation Council has now been aligned with the work of the emerging Northumberland County Health Link and Campbellford Memorial Hospital continues to work with its local partners on the development of a Rural Health Hub in Trent Hills.

Transition Plan - posted June 25, 2014

On June 25, the Northumberland County Integration Planning Team presented an update on their Transition planning as they work together to develop a Rural Health Hub in Trent Hills, establish a co-ordinated approach for Assisted Living and Supportive Housing, expand on the work of the Collaborative Palliative Care committee, develop an integrated strategy for diabetes throughough Northumberland, develop opportunities for a strategic alliance between NHH and the Port Hope Community Health Centre, integrate Information Technology across community and acute sectors  and develop a Transformation Council to lead the transition work.

To view the Transition Plan presentation, please click HERE.

Final Integration Plan - posted February 26, 2014

After months of due diligence and stakeholder engagement, the Integration Planning Team, which was comprised of senior administrative representatives from seven local agencies, had developed an “Integrated Governance and Service Delivery Model” which became part of a “FINAL Integration Plan - Hospital and Community Health Services Integration – Northumberland County.”  The FINAL Integration Plan was presented to the Central East LHIN Board on February 26, 2014 and recommended how hospitals and community-based health services could be delivered in the future to improve client access to high-quality services, create readiness for future health system transformation and make the best use of the public’s investment.

To download a copy of the FINAL Integration Plan, please click on the links below:

Additional Resources

To make sure that everyone was aware of what was being discussed at the Northumberland County Integration Planning Team (IPT) meetings, the group had shared a summary of their discussions each month and had circulated a DRAFT Service Delivery Model for feedback. To download these documents, please click on the links below: