Central East Sub-region Profiles


To support the co-design and co-management of the local health care system, the Central East Sub-region Profiles have been dramatically enhanced. Originally launched in 2016, the profiles are a tool to geographically visualize sociodemographic, health system utilization and service site locations at a neighbourhood, sub-region and regional level.

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Ontario Health Team Dataset Requests and Hospital Utilization

The Ontario Health Team workbook includes multiple worksheets with various datasets based on requests for Ontario Health Team information. The information has been produced for all Sub-regions, where applicable, within Central East. The Ontario values have also been included for comparison purposes.

The Hospital Utilization workbooks provide the hospitalizations for residents of each neighbourhood in each sub-region broken down by the hospital in which the resident received care. Each tab provides information for one neighbourhood and for five types of care: Emergency Department Visits, Acute Inpatient Discharges, Adult Inpatient Mental Health Discharges, Complex Continuing Care Discharges, and Adult Inpatient Rehabilitation Discharges. Data is consistent with that in the Central East Sub-region Profile Tool.

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What is a Sub-region? 

A sub-region is a smaller geographic planning region within the Central East region that helps better understand and address patient needs at the local level. By looking at care patterns through a smaller, more local lens, we are able to better identify and respond to community needs and ensure that patients have access to the care they need, when and where they need it. This includes the needs of Francophone Ontarians, Indigenous communities, newcomers and other individuals and groups whose health care needs are unique and who often experience challenges accessing and navigating the health care system.


Central East Sub-regions

In Central East, seven sub-regions provide a geographic foundation for the development of local integrated systems of care.

Central East Sub Regions Map

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