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In March 2006 the Central East LHIN distributed its Framework for Community Engagement and Local Health Planning.  In that Framework we stated a valued belief that engaged communities are healthy communities.  After months of conversations with local residents and health care professionals, we came to the distinct realization “engaged communities, healthy communities” was more than a value statement, it was also our motivating vision for change.

During the implementation of the LHIN's first Integrated Health Service Plan,  hundreds of individuals from across the Central East region joined planning partnerships teams  - Collaboratives, Health Interest Networks and Task Groups - and provided local expertise in the identification of opportunities for health care improvements.   Their insight and input was invaluable and their hard work and dedication to the residents of the Central East LHIN resulted in new funded projects, local projects that rolled out provincially, informative reports, recommendations for improvement and much more.

When LHIN began implementing its second 2010 - 2013 Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP), that vision did not change and we continued to believe that when people are actively involved in managing their own health and wellness, as well as creating their own heath care and community solutions, they tend to be healthier as a result. 

Now as we work with our partners on achieving the "Community First" aim that we have set for the system in the LHIN's third IHSP,  we will continue to seek out the advice and direction of our engagement structures.  

Please click on the links below to learn more about these engagement structures and ongoing opportunities for involvement. 

Aboriginal Engagement - updated December 22, 2011

Board to Board Engagement updated December 8, 2010      


Francophone Engagement - posted August 13, 2012 

Health Interest Networks/Task Groups - updated April 8, 2013

Physician Engagement - updated November 8, 2010  

Sector Engagement  updated December 17, 2010       

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