Central East Regional Palliative Care Steering Committee - updated February 2017

The Central East Regional Palliative Care Steering Committee (CERPCSC) is a disease-agnostic network designed to support a coordinated, standardized approach for the delivery of hospice palliative care services in the Central East region. The CERPCSC will align priorities and initiatives to support Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care, the achievement of the mandate of the Ontario Palliative Care Network (OPCN) and the palliative care priorities of the Central East LHIN and the Central East Regional Cancer Program (CERCP).

With a mandate to provide collaborative leadership to advance high quality, integrated, patient-centred hospice palliative care across all sectors based on best practices in accordance with OPCN direction, and in alignment with both the Central East LHIN Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) and the CERCP Strategic Plan, the CERPCSC acts as a principal advisor within the Central East Region to:

  • Provide leadership and structure to facilitate the development of a high-quality, comprehensive, integrated and coordinated system of hospice palliative care informing Central East LHIN and CERCP decision-making; and,
  • Support the OPCN vision and direction for hospice palliative care as outlined in Advancing High Quality High Value Palliative Care in Ontario; A Declaration of Partnership and Commitment to Action (Declaration).

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The CERPCSC is jointly accountable to the Central East LHIN Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the CERCP Regional Vice President (RVP). The CERPCSC will provide leadership to ensure accountability and alignment of activities to local, regional and provincial direction.

For more information, please email Jenny Greensmith, Palliative Care Coordinator at jenny.greensmith@lhins.on.ca.