Community Engagement

Community Engagement is the foundation of all activity at the Central East LHIN.  Being more responsive to local needs and opportunities requires on-going dialogue and planning with those who use and deliver health services.  Since 2005, board members and LHIN staff have actively engaged with local community residents, health care service providers, provincial associations, local government leaders and many other organizations and individuals on how to improve and enhance the public health system.  The links below provide you with the background on the documents that support Community Engagement in the Central East LHIN and across the province.   

Foundational Resources

This Framework, first published by the Central East LHIN in June 2006, charted a direction for Community Engagement as the LHIN began to develop and implement its first Integrated Health Service Plan.

A Framework for Community Engagement & Local Health Planning - June 2006

"We're Listening" - Video

This short 8-minute video shows the steps taken by the Central East LHIN in 2006 to engage community members, health service providers, board members and others in the development of its first Integrated Health Service Plan.

Additional Community Engagement Resources

In February 2011, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care approved community engagement guidelines and a toolkit to be used by all LHINs in an effort to promote consistency across the province. By developing provincial guidelines, all 14 LHINs now have a consistent approach to community engagement planning and will be better able to show how feedback gathered through community engagement activities is considered as part of each LHIN’s decision making process.   To access these new guidelines, please click on the links below:

To support the engagement of primary care physicians by LHINs, a Resource Guide and Toolkit was created in partnership with Ontario Medical Association and Ontario College of Family Physicians and provides LHINs with a range of preferred engagement techniques that can be used to strengthen physician relations and enhance collaboration.