Central East LHIN External Engagement Structures 

The Central East LHIN Senior Team, through an collaborative and constructive engagement process with LHIN staff, the LHIN Board and external planning partners, has remapped its Central East LHIN external engagement structures to support the development and implementation of the LHIN's 2019-22 Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP 5).

This remapping has standardized the external engagement structures into three (3) engagement levels – Steering Committees (and associated sub-committees), Advisory Committees and Action Groups and six (6) areas of focus -  Hospital Leadership; Patients and Family Caregivers; Sub-regions; System Design and Implementation; Transitions in Care; and Public Health.


All three engagement levels and six areas of focus are integral to the achievement of the LHIN’s system and organizational accountabilities through the strategic co-design and co-management of the local health care system. All external engagement structures are sponsored by a member of the LHIN Senior Team and have a Terms of Reference.

External Engagement Structures by Areas of Focus

Hospital Leadership

Patients and Family Caregivers


System Design and Implementation

Critical Care

  • Central East LHIN Critical Care Network

Digital Health

Emergency Care

  • Central East LHIN Emergency Care Steering Committee
  • Central East LHIN Regional Patient Access and Flow: Influenza 2018/19 Table

Maternal Child

Mental Health and Addictions

Palliative and End-of-Life Care

Primary Health Care

  • Scarborough North & South Primary Healthcare Providers Collaborative Community of Practice


Surgical Care

Vascular Health

Transitions in Care

Each of the external engagement tables is charged with having a population-health focus as they set and deliver on their respective strategies. External engagement structures use a Project Management approach in carrying out their work. In developing and implementing any strategies, external engagement structures use the applicable business tools, already developed to support the LHIN in the achievement of its accountabilities. These include:
  • LHIN Statutory Authorities
  • Service Accountability Agreement negotiation processes and timelines
  • Integration Toolkits and Processes
  • Health System Improvement Pre-Proposal submissions
  • Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF) and Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF) processes
  • Capital Planning processes and forms

LHIN staff work with the external engagement structures to serve as subject matter experts and integrators and to support effective and timely decision-making by the members of the external engagement structures in the strategic co-design and co-management of all deliverables.