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About Our LHIN

The Central East LHIN is one of the fastest growing geographic regions in the Province and home to over 11% of Ontario’s population.  Based on the 2006 Census, the population has grown by 6.3 percent, making the LHIN 1.4 million people strong. 

To view the latest Census information on the Central East LHIN, please click here. - linked July 17, 2009 

The Central East LHIN is a mix of urban and rural geography and is the sixth-largest LHIN in land area in Ontario (16,673 km2).  In densely populated urban cities, suburban towns, rural farm communities, cottage country villages and remote settlements, the Central East LHIN stretches from Victoria Park to Algonquin Park!  The neighbourhoods in our planning zones boast a rich diversity of community values, ethnicity, language and socio-demographic characteristics.


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