1% Challenge - updated November 9, 2009 

In August of 2007 the Central East LHIN Board adopted its first set of Strategic Directions that included the following goal:

The Central East LHIN and its health service providers will reallocate 1% of the 2007-08 Operation of Hospitals budget to community programs by fiscal year 2009-2010. 

This means that by no later than December 2010, the Central East LHIN Board of Directors is striving toward the goal of reinvesting $10.3 million of hospital expenditures in CE LHIN funded community health service providers. 

At the Central East LHIN's June 2008 Symposium, Board Chair Foster Loucks re-iterated that this is a challenge. 

It is a challenge of not only Central East LHIN hospital providers, but of Central East LHIN community providers too and is consistent with the Local Health System Integration Act that requires health service providers to identify “voluntary integration opportunities.”

This reinvestment is not mandated but is instead a challenge that will enable CE LHIN funded health service providers to be individually responsible for identifying the local re-investment opportunities that best suit the needs of their communities.  Such opportunities should not simply generate efficiencies, but make possible improvements in effectively preventing avoidable visits to hospital emergency rooms, or getting people back into the community as quickly as possible – which local residents have told the Board is where they want to be.

This is not just about trying to bend the hospital cost curve, but about good health care that reflects the changing expectations of today’s health care consumer. 

The necessary tools and templates to achieve this goal are posted below for your information.  The second wave of submissions were due by October 15th. - updated September 28, 2009  

Excerpts from submitted HPCR and CPHR forms are posted to 1% Challenge - Agora webpage as they are received so that Health Service Providers can share ideas and develop 1% Challenge partnerships.  To access the 1% Challenge - Agora, please click here. - updated November 9, 2009


If you require additional information, please contact the Central East LHIN office via email - centraleast@lhins.on.ca- or phone - 1-866-804-5446.