In July 2012, the Central East LHIN shared the news that more local residents will benefit from specialist care closer to home as the LHIN supports its health service providers to recruit 20 new telemedicine nurses to expand care delivery.  For patients this will mean improved access to health care, less travel and an increase in the types of health care services available at more than 80 telemedicine sites across the LHIN’s Scarborough, Durham and North East clusters.

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In the Central East LHIN, health service providers using telemedicine are working together to share best practices and expertise to improve the quality of care being delivered to patients.  Already hospitals, community health centres and community agencies are linking up to support patients in the LHIN’s Geriatric Assessment Clinics, chronic disease programs, mental health and addiction services, specialist's referrals and much more.

To learn more about telemedicine and the Ontario Telemedicine Network, please click here.