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Value of LHINs

LHINs are the only organizations in Ontario that bring together health care partners from the following  sectors – hospitals, community care, community support services, community mental health and addictions, community health centres and long-term care – to develop innovative, collaborative solutions leading to more timely access to high quality services for the residents of Ontario and Central East LHIN communities.

By supporting these important partnerships, LHINs are ensuring that Ontarians have access to an effective and efficient health care system that delivers improved health care results and a better patient experience.

Because of LHINs, providers in the local health care system are working together to improve access to quality care for Ontario residents.

  • To learn more about these partnerships and collaborations that are improving access and quality, please visit the Central East LHIN "Get Connected with Care" page.

Because of LHINs, the health care needs of people in your community are being identified, co-ordinated and addressed as a truly integrated system.

  • With an overall theme of “Community First – Help Central East LHIN residents spend more time in their homes and their communities”, four aims will guide the system over the next three years. To learn more about these "Community First" strategic aims and the plans to achieve them, please visit the Central East LHIN "Integrated Health Service Plan" page.

Because of LHINs, local decisions are being made to respond to local health care needs.

  • Each month, the Board of the Central East LHIN holds open board meetings to review information on system performance and quality, accountability, engagment, integration and planning.  The general public is always welcome to attend.
  • To review the materials presented at these board meetings, please visit the "Board of Directors" page. 
  • To better understand how the LHIN staff and board engage with the community, please visit the "Get Involved" page.

Because of LHINs, health service providers, such as hospitals, long-term care homes and community agencies, are being held accountable for the taxpayer dollars they are given.

  • Visit the Central East LHIN funding page to learn more about the $2 billion that the Central East LHIN invests in the system on an annual basis.
  • Download copies of each health service provider's Accountability Agreement and track their performance on a monthly/quarterly basis to see how taxpayer dollars are being used effectively to provide access to the highest quality of care.
  • Gain a greater understanding of integration and the current activities underway that will lead to the creation of an integrated sustainable healthcare system that ensures better health, better care, better value for money.

If you have any questions or need more information on the value of LHINs, please email us at centraleast@lhins.on.ca