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Health System Improvement Pre-Proposal (H-SIP) Form - updated July 21, 2014

We are continuing to accept Health System Improvement Pre-Proposal (H-SIP) submissions from Health Service Providers in the Central East LHIN.

The Health System Improvement Pre-Proposal (H-SIP) process has been developed collectively by Ontario Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) to facilitate and standardize the way health system improvement requests are submitted to LHINs. It allows for a simplified summary of the proposed initiative, while minimizing the time and resources required by health service providers in the early stages. 

Initiatives can include:

Service Change (Enhancement):  refers to pre-proposals to expand or improve an existing service (e.g. introduction of new model of care, increase number of patients treated/visits).

New Service: refers to pre-proposals to introduce a new service that the organization has not previously provided.  The new service must align with the organization’s strategic direction/plan.

Integration: refers to pre-proposals that aim to coordinate, partner, transfer, merge or amalgamate services/operations for the improvement of health service delivery and patient flow through the local health care system. (As defined in Local Health System Integration Act, 2006)

Health service providers should use the web-enabled H-SIP form to submit a health system improvement request to the Central East LHIN before preparing a full business case. The H-SIP form is designed to capture the intent and scope of ideas for health system improvement that demonstrate partnerships and/or collaboration. 

 To request an account to create a web-enabled H-SIP form, please click here. 


Technical questions related to your account can be addressed to Adam Erwood at  adam.erwood@lhins.on.ca . 

Additional information includes Pre-Proposal Form: Guidelines for Completion