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E-Health - updated February 14, 2012   eHealth logo - celhin (updated)

What is eHealth?

eHealth is a term we use to describe the application  of information and clinical technologies to health care, and acts as  a key enabler of systemic change in Ontario. 

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eHealth harnesses the power of information and technology to improve patient care & safety and  enable information access across the health care continuum.

Engaging with and supporting a number of governance committees (e.g. eHealth Steering Committee, IM/IT Advisory Committee) we focus on the Provincial and LHIN's clinical and foundational priorities.


Watch what Physicians are saying about data sharing CLICK HERE 

The narrated Blueprint presentation is NOW available the 


eHO BluePrint

Who is eHealth at the Central East LHIN? 

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  • Develop capacity and awareness of eHealth within the region
  • Foster and integrate partnerships and collaborations with organizations to help get the job done 
  • Engage advisory groups and community stakeholders for guidance and support
  • Deliver value by leading and/or supporting project implementation


Members of the Central East LHIN eHealth team are:

•  Marlene Ross -  eHealth Lead, Senior Project Manager
•  Carolyn Kanhai - Executive Assistant, eHealth 905-427-5497/ 1-866-804-5446 x240

Current eHealth Prorities



 Diabetes Management

 Cornerstone Information Systems

 Medication Management

 Clinical Activity Information System

 Wait Times Management

 Technology Services


We achieve our "priorities alignment" by: securing funding from the Ministry and the LHIN; and executing projects. The projects’ inherent values, delivered to the Central East community, include:

  • Healthcare Cost Reduction
  • Improved Wait times
  • Improved Health Measures
  • Improved & Integrated Communication

Major eHealth Projects Underway

(Click here for a complete list of eHealth projects)

cGTA – Connecting GTA

Purpose Connecting GTA is a project with the 5 GTA LHINS  to “integrate electronic patient information from across the care continuum and make it available at the point-of-care to improve the patient and clinician experience”

Business Value:  ConnectingGTA will provide better access to information for up to 700+ health care organizations resulting in better care delivery for 5.8 million GTA residents. 

  • Patients will receive improved, timelier and more coordinated care
  • Clinicians will be able to initiate timely treatment, improve productivity and better collaborate with peers
  • Health care organizations will be able to maximize their investments and resources and improve efficiency
  • Our health care system will see improvements in care coordination and capacity

Learn more about the Connecting GTA


PurposeThe Central East LHIN and Community Care Information Management (CCIM) are working together to support health service providers from across the Central East region to implement a number of standardized tools that will help to provide improved services and measure the improvements in the quality of care in the Central East LHIN.  Community Care Information Management (CCIM) plays an integral role in improving the health care system by enhancing access to information for community-based care providers to deliver the right health service, at the right time.  

Learn more about CCIM 


RM&R – Resource Matching & Referral

PurposeResource Matching & Referral is a provincial initiative to provide automated referrals from Hospitals to initial 4 pathways:

  • Rehab,
  • Continuing Complex Care, 
  • LTC  (through CCAC) and
  • In-Home Services (through the CCAC).

Business Value: Automated referrals will improve cost,  efficiency and patience experience in the improvement of matching the correct and appropriate resource in a timely matter for ALC patients for the identified pathways

Please watch this space to learn more.


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