Disordered Eating Priority ProjectDE Seedling

Research on Disordered Eating has gained both attention and momentum.  

  • 29.3% of girls aged 10-14 are trying to lose weight McVey et al (2004) 

  • The desire for thinness can emerge in girls as young as age 6 Lowes & Tiggemann (2003) 

  • Disordered weight perception continues to be prevalent among adult and ageing women Gucciardi et al (2007)  

  • 9% of college men meet various clinical diagnoses, such as binge eating, self-induced vomiting, bulimia nervosa, and exercise disorder  O’Dea et al (2007) 

  • The mortality rate for eating disorders ranges between 18-20%, which is the highest mortality rate for any psychiatric illness Cavanaugh, Carolyn (1999)  

Sponsored by the Durham East Collaborative, the Disordered Eating Priority Project is hosted by Peterborough Regional Health Centre. The Project began in May 2008 and is scheduled to be completed by March 2010.

Project Goals

The Project Deliverables/Goals are to: 

  • Create a LHIN-wide cross-sector advisory team to provide guidance for future investments in disordered eating and eating disorders programming within the LHIN
  • Implement education and awareness initiatives designed to enable the earliest possible identification and intervention by families and health care providers
  • To demonstrate, a transition coordinator role to support individuals who are (1) transitioning from in-patient care delivered outside of the LHIN and (2) to provide outreach supports for individuals/families who are struggling/at higher risk
  • To enhance caregiver/family support programming

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In 2009 watch for our continued progress in the following areas:

  • The Transition Coordinator Role
  • National Eating Disorder Awareness Week Mall-Crawl (Feb 2-6)
  • Physician Education
  • Caregiver Events
  • Community Education

The Project Team

Ann Adair Peterborough City-County Health Unit
Steve Foulon Family and Youth Clinic, PRHC
Maria Grant Central East LHIN
Robyn Greene  Womens’ Health Care Centre, PRHC
Lise Leahy Registered Dietitian
Art Mathews Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Services (formerly, Whitby Mental Health Centre)
Cheryl McCarthy Caregiver Champion
Paul McGary Pinewood Centre for Addictions, Lakeridge Health
Paul Secord Canadian Mental Health Association, Durham Region
TBD Physician Champion
TBD Survivor Champion
TBD Heart and Stroke Foundation

The Project Office


 Sarah Cassidy  Clerical Support  scassidy@prhc.on.ca
 Shelley Hermer  Project Manager  shermer@prhc.on.ca
 Melinda Wall  Project Coordinator  mwall@prhc.on.ca


(705) 743-2121 x 3783
Disordered Eating Priority Project
C/O Family and Youth Clinic
Peterborough Regional Health Centre
Peterborough Ontario, K9J 7C6

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  DE poster

Privacy Policy

The CE LHIN Disordered Eating Project is committed to protecting your privacy.  In order to provide you with the best possible care, it is essential that we have access to your health information.  We collect, use, disclose, retain and protect your personal health information under the "Personal Health Information Protection Act" (PHIPA).  For a copy of the Project's Privacy Policy, please click here.