Early Youth Intervention Priority Project

The Early Youth Intervention Project Charter

The Central East LHIN identified early interventions for youths as a priority project within the Mental Health and Addictions section of the Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP). The early youth intervention strategy project was initiated by the Durham West Collaborative. The Youth Centre, Ajax, Ont. is the sponsor for the Early Youth Intervention project.

Early youth interventions strategies in the area of mental health and addictions were identified as a gap within Ontario and the CELHIN. Census data reveals a high growth rate for the age group between the ages of 10-24 year grouping and highlighted is the number of youths who will experience a mental illness (approximately  one in five youths will experience a mental illness).

The Early Youth Intervention Charter highlighted the need to develop a plan/journey where children and adult MHA service providers remove barriers  which create unnecessary delays in early identification, treatment, continuous care planning and the hand off of care from one provider to the next.  For more information please click here to view the Early Youth intervention project charter.  

Early Youth Intervention Survey

The integration of the mental health and addiction network is an important component of the work of the project.  The work of transitioning youths into the adult mental health and addiction services relies upon the services working collaboratively. The Transitional Age Youth Project team needs your assistance in order to obtain a current inventory of mental health and addiction services.

Members of the Central East LHIN Mental Health and Addictions Network are encouraged to take a few moments and complete a survey.   To access the survey, please click here.

Transitional Age Youth (T.A.Y.) Project Team

A Project Team has been established in order to create a journey/map and standards for youths who are transitioning from the Children’s Mental Health and Addiction services into Adult Mental Health and Addiction services.  This process involved completion of an Expression of Interest application by the community, a selection and decision making process which involved the Durham West Collaborative,  the Project Manager and the CELHIN. Eighteen applications were received and 12 members were selected for the project team.

The project team has representation from Scarborough (3 members); Northumberland (2 members); Peterborough (2 members); Durham (3 members) and North Durham (1 member) and Haliburton Highlands (1 member).  Three are community representatives (2 consumers and 1 family representative are members of the project team).

To view the TAY project team directory, please click here 

The Early Youth Intervention Project Terms of Reference

The project team meets on a monthly basis (Peterborough and Whitby) and has an agreed upon terms of reference. The terms of reference contains an overview of the project goals and the work assignments for the team members.  To view the Terms of Reference, please click here.

The terms of reference, with the support of the project team, has identified the importance of identifying and implementing a theoretical framework for transitioning youths into the adult mental health and addiction services, creating a system of referrals, assessments and communications, programming specific to TAY’s, housing for TAY’s and integration of services between the children and adult MHA service providers. Five teams have been assigned to research and investigate these areas and report at the monthly meeting regarding their progress.

A completion date for the project is scheduled for May, 2009.