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Collaboratives - updated August 13, 2012


During the implementation of the Central East LHIN's first Integrated Health Service Plan, numerous individuals from across the LHIN participated in local advisory groups called Collaboratives.  With varied representation from nine different geographic zones, community representatives, health care providers and local government leaders provided advice to the Central East LHIN board on local health system performance, strategic priority setting, planning and evaluation.  Leaders from these collaboratives stepped forward to champion a number of health care projects, many of which are documented behind the Get Connected with Care button on the Central East LHIN website, or which form the foundation of projects which have had a signficant impact on the LHIN's current IHSP and the achievement of its two Strategic Aims. 

The Board and Staff of the Central East LHIN will always be grateful to these dedicated and committed individuals and their organizations for their leadership, support and advocacy in improving and enhancing the public health care system.