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Physician Engagement - updated November 8, 2010 

To achieve its mission to lead the creation of an integrated sustainable healthcare system that ensures better health, better care, better value for money, the Central East LHIN works with stakeholders from across the Central East region and throughout the province. 

Since its inception, the LHIN has recognized the valuable role that physicians play in the development and implementation of activities that will lead to an integrated and sustainable healthcare system.

Central East physicians have and continue to provide leadership and input to CE LHIN Planning Partner groups such as the Health Professional Advisory Committee, the Primary Care Working Group, the Medical Leadership Group (MLG) which is comprised of Chiefs of Staff from all CE LHIN hospitals and the Strategic Aim Coalitions.   The LHIN meets regularly with the four Medical Officers of Health in the Central East area and physicians act as leads in key clinical areas such as Emergency Departments, Critical Care and Cancer Care.  Physician input and leadership was also essential in the development and now implementation of the LHIN’s Clinical Services Plan.

Physician Engagement/Information Webinar - November 18, 2010

On November 18th, the Central East LHIN will be partnering with the Ontario Medical Association to conduct a "Physician Engagement/Information Webinar"

Through this 90-minute web-enabled webinar, the LHIN will be seeking input from family physicians on new initiatives to support timely patient access to care.

Information to support this webinar can be accessed by clicking on the links below. 

Physician Engagement/Information Webinar - ppt - posted November 18, 2010 

Physician Engagement/Information Webinar - pdf - 37 pages (focused on Home First and GAIN)

Physician Engagement/Information Webinar - pdf - 70 pages (Home First, GAIN and additional data sources)

Physicians who will be attending this webinar are also asked to complete a short survey to ensure that the time available for the webinar is used effectively and efficiently.

Survey Link

OMA members are encouraged to contact Michael J. Barker, Regional Manager, Member Outreach Services, Public and Corporate Affairs at michael.barker@oma.org or Karen O’Brien, Public Affairs, CE LHIN at Karen.obrien@lhins.on.ca if they have any questions prior to the event. 

Physician Education - posted November 8, 2010  

On November 6th, over 250 primary care physicians from across the GTA, attended the 8th Annual GTA Primary Care Symposium.  Organized by Dr. Christopher Jyu, co-chair of the LHIN's Primary Care Working Groupand Dr. David Lam of the The Scarborough Hospital and past president of the Chinese Canadian Medical Society (CCMS), this day-long education event included presentations from a variety of specialists in diabetes, cardio vascular disease, vaccines and infection control.  Physicians are encouraged to click on the links below for more information on this event and presentations by some of the speakers.  For more information, please contact Dr. Jyu directly at cahc@rogers.com. 


Update 2010: DM- presentation by Dr. Afshan Zahedi

Update 2010: Beyond Framingham- presentation by Dr. Ron Goldenberg

Update 2010: Vaccines- presentation by Dr. Tony Mazzulli

Update 2010: Infectious Diseases 101- presentation by Dr. Allison McGeer

Physician Consultation - posted November 3, 2008 

On September 22, 2008, the Ontario Medical Association and the Central East LHIN held a Physician Engagement Workshop, at the Deer Creek Golf Club in Ajax, so that physicians could learn about the Central East LHIN, its planning partner structures and key initiatives and priorities.   It also gave participants an opportunity to discuss how physicians and the LHIN can continue to build successful working partnerships. 

A report was prepared by the workshop facilitator, Michael Rowland of The Randolph Group and can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Physician Engagement Workshop - Workshop Summary