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Strategic Aim Coalitions - updated September 7, 2010 

With the release of the new Central East LHIN Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) 2010-2013, the LHIN is in the process of refreshing its current Framework for Community Engagement.  This refresh includes the creation of two Community Engagement structures called Strategic Aim Coalitions that align with the IHSP Strategic Aims:

  • Save 1 million hours of time spent in Central East LHIN Emergency Departments by 2013.
  • Reduce the impact of vascular disease by 10% in the Central East LHIN by 2013 (10,000 in patient days).

In creating the Coalitions, the LHIN was looking for health leaders who are committed to improve integration and possess the necessary knowledge of the broader health care system to become members of an Emergency Department Strategic Aim Coalition and a Vascular Health Strategic Aim Coalition.

To learn more about these Coalitions, including the current list of members, please click on the links below:


While the deadline for submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) form has now passed, the LHIN is still actively seeking EOIs from OMA Districts and medical branch societies within the CE LHIN in order to identify potential primary care specialists.  Successful recruits will also be linked with the very progressive and active Primary Care Working Group of the CE LHIN.    Physicians are asked to submit an EOI at their earliest convenience.    

Please click HERE to access a web-enabled Expression of Interest Form.

Please click HERE to access a word version EOI.

Please click HERE to access the Coalitiions' DRAFT Terms of Reference

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Jeanne Thomas at jeanne.thomas@lhins.on.ca.