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Board Meetings

Health care service providers and community residents are invited to witness and observe the work being done by the Board of Directors of the Central East LHIN to enhance a stronger public health care system that will be there for our children and our grandchildren.

Board meetings and board committee meetings are held on a regular basis so that information can be reviewed and discussed by the Board to assist the decision making process as it supports the work of the staff of the Central East LHIN.

Delegations to the Board

In January 2011 the Board passed a new policy entitled "Delegations to the Central East LHIN Board" which has been developed to ensure a consistent and formal approach to evaluating requests and inviting delegations to present to the Central East LHIN Board of Directors. 

To view the policy, please click here.

To complete a web-enabled application form, please click here.

To request a copy of a word-version of the application form, please contact the Central East LHIN office via email - centraleast@lhins.on.ca or phone 1-866-804-5446.