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In the Central East LHIN, seven (7) sub-regions provide a geographic foundation for the development of local integrated systems of care.

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Living Healthier at Home

IHSP 2016-2019

IHSP 4 - Living Healthier at Home

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Central East Sub-regions

Understanding and addressing patient needs at the local level

Seniors HP tag Eng

Seniors Strategic Aim

Improving seniors health care a top priority.

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Vascular Health Strategic Aim

Promoting vascular health.


Central East Health Line

Health information


French Language Health Services

Providing high-quality health services in French

Transforming Musculoskeletal Care

Hip or knee osteoarthritis and low back pain care.

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Palliative Care Strategic Aim

Relieving suffering and achieving comfort.

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MHA Strategic Aim

Achieving an optimal level of mental health.


Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care

Making Healthy Change Happen